Addressing the needs of enterprise customers

Haidrun is a business-to-business blockchain platform that enables trust and transparency to be digitally embedded into any technological solution.

We help enterprise customers achieve their sustainability goals using blockchain technology to validate the delivery of brand promises and substantiate their environmental, social and corporate governance credentials.

The Haidrun platform is a B2B permissioned blockchain built on an advanced, highly scalable architecture using environmentally friendly proof of vote (PoV) consensus protocols to deliver the highest levels of performance and capability:

Flexible and scalable

Accelerates automation and digital transformation

Secure, robust and transparent transactions

Interoperability using standard APIs

Simple to use, easy to integrate


We make blockchain technology easy to use and simple to integrate for enterprises that want to create scalable sustainability, authentication, and automation. We are not about complex and costly tech solutions; we enable permissioned blockchains to provide the right fit for our client’s data.

Welcome to Haidrun – B2B blockchain.

Industry Solutions

Learn how Haidrun’s technology is helping enterprises benefit from B2B blockchain across these major industries.

How we can transform your industry

We have already seen early examples of blockchains supporting business-to-business transactions and the management of goods through the supply chain. At Haidrun, our enterprise platform creates B2B blockchains to deliver enterprise levels of performance, sustainability, and authentication. It provides the vehicle for developing a high level of automation, using smart contracts to reduce costs and open new revenue streams.

Haidrun blockchain networks scale, without transaction fees, using eco-friendly consensus algorithms and standard APIs to interoperate with existing and 3rd party systems. Our fundamental value proposition is to securely enable authentic and sustainable data to be delivered across all industries where reliable and auditable information is required.

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