Next Generation
Private Blockchain

for Enterprise applications

Specifically addressing the needs of enterprise customers

Early generations of blockchain offered robustness and trust, but at the expense of confidentiality, performance and cost. Our next generation of private blockchain technology bridges this gap and specifically addresses the needs of enterprise customers.

The Haidrun enterprise platform is a non-open source, private blockchain built on an advanced architecture, using artificial intelligence engines to deliver new levels of performance and capability:

Flexible and scalable

Accelerates automation and digital transformation

Secure, robust and transparent transactions

Interoperability using standard APIs

Simple to use


The Haidrun platform was designed and developed to enable intelligent business automation for enterprise customers. It delivers unlimited scalability and simple interoperability with 3rd party systems, existing databases and other blockchain systems.

Our private blockchain gives you the speed, security, transparency and control for any transaction across your enterprise ecosystem. Costs and intermediaries can be minimised, while new business models and revenue streams can be realised.

Industry Solutions

Learn how Haidrun’s technology is helping enterprises benefit from private blockchain across these major industries.

How we can transform your industry

We have already seen early examples of blockchains supporting business-to-business transactions and the management of goods through the supply chain. At Haidrun, our enterprise platform creates private blockchains to deliver enterprise levels of performance, capability, and security. It provides the vehicle for developing a high level of automation, using smart contracts to reduce costs and open new revenue streams.

It can easily scale to include new members, whilst remaining aligned with the cost base and uses standard APIs to interoperate with existing and 3rd party systems. Its fundamental value proposition to robustly deliver reliable data reaches across all industries where secure and safe interaction is required.

What is private blockchain?

Private blockchains are often referred to as ‘permissioned’ and, unlike public platforms, are more suitable for enterprises for reasons of scale, accountability, and cost. Private blockchains can be run and operated as a service (BaaS) or by the enterprise itself. They are usually set up for reasons of privacy where it does not suit an enterprise to allow every participant full access to its entire contents. Also, enterprises usually need to demonstrate full accountability, often via external audits, on the running and operation of their systems including blockchains. This is not possible using public platforms where there is no entity in charge and anyone can download the software, form a node, view the ledger and interact with the blockchain.

Private networks retain control, eliminate illicit activities, and provide a high degree of regulation, but also solve the issues of performance and cost. Public networks need many participants to provide the computing power for transactions to be completed (called mining). This comes at a variable cost, the performance fluctuates, and scalability relies on 3rd parties. Not ideal when predictable business parameters are a critical factor in running an enterprise.

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