Blockchain Supply Chain


Increase trust and traceability in the supply chain

Our B2B Blockchain platform is particularly suited to supply chain management because it can provide traceability, end-to-end connectivity, support for real-time logistics tracking, electronic funds transfer and smart contract management. Processes including negotiations support and procurement can also be connected via B2B Blockchain to build trust and confidence with new suppliers, partners and colleagues.

When it comes to safeguarding a company’s sensitive information, using B2B Blockchains is the preferred option, especially as they will also need to demonstrate full accountability – often via external audits – on the running and operation of their systems. B2B Blockchains provide a higher degree of regulation, determined and set by the administrators in line with industry regulatory codes. Importantly, B2B Blockchains do not need to use cryptocurrencies or native tokens for the network.

Any association with cryptocurrencies, good or bad, is not part of the B2B Blockchain solution. All of this means that less energy, fewer resources and fewer participants are required to run the B2B Blockchain, resulting in reduced cost on a far more predictable scale.

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