Private Blockchain in Healthcare


Blockchain in Healthcare

Priority on patient care

Haidrun technology can secure the transfer of patient records and protect the integrity of the medicine supply chain, whilst changing outdated, slow, and expensive processes.

Security is a major challenge in healthcare. In the last decade, almost 200 million patient records were put at risk in data breaches where confidential health, genetic data, and financial details were stolen. But of course, it is not just patient data that is at risk; the provenance of medicines is also a major challenge.

Enterprise blockchain technology can help identify, track, and secure all types of pharmaceutical supplies, including medicines, to prevent fake products from entering the supply chain. Aligned with providing trust and transparency, blockchain is also uniquely suited to claims processing because of its fundamental ability to store data chronologically. Medical events are stored in the order they occur and there is no potential for illicitly changing the data at a later stage for purposes of fraud.

Secure your records with our enterprise blockchain technology

Another challenge is the level of paper-based administration using faxes (yes, faxes), referral letters and manual documentation. Researchers estimate that a single healthcare provider files almost 20,000 forms per year at a cost of $20 for every document. They predict over half of the 30 billion healthcare transactions every year are faxes, which costs the industry around $250 billion, and yet over 60% of these never reach the doctor on time or with sufficient information.

At Haidrun, we have designed our enterprise blockchain technology to help solve these issues quickly, efficiently and above all, safely.

Drug fraud is a big problem, and the healthcare industry needs secure, auditable, and transparent supply chains. In the US alone, over $200B is lost each year to counterfeit drugs making their way into the insecure supply chains.

But with Haidrun, any pharmaceutical company that registers its products on the blockchain will be vetted by those controlling the private network. Once accepted, the data about the drugs will be chronologically stored on the blockchain and every block of data will become immutable. No entity involved between the drug company and the retailer can alter the data to include counterfeit drugs and the movement of drugs between the companies can be tracked in near real-time through the data stored on the Haidrun blockchain.

Choosing the right blockchain technology platform

Market research companies and healthcare organisations agree that blockchain will have a growing and significant impact on the healthcare industry. Although first-generation blockchains had limitations of privacy, scale, and interoperability, we now know that B2B blockchains are a very secure and reliable way of storing data about other types of transactions. Recently, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology in the US defined the critical policy and technical components needed for nationwide interoperability, which includes:

Ubiquitous, secure network infrastructure

Verifiable identity and authentication of all participants

Consistent representation of authorisation to access electronic health information

At Haidrun, we believe that our blockchain technology can have a huge impact on efficiently solving these problems by making and keeping the data secure, interoperable, and giving healthcare professionals’ real-time access to it.

As well as healthcare, other sectors including insurance, telecoms and manufacturing are finding valuable use cases for business blockchains to upgrade insecure and costly databases, payment platforms and digital systems. You may be surprised to find that some major enterprises have already started to incorporate blockchain, including Walmart, Pfizer, AIG, Siemens, and Unilever. But others have held back, waiting for more secure, cost-effective B2B blockchain platforms. We have developed the Haidrun B2B blockchain platform specifically to meet these enterprise challenges.

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