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We have designed and developed a permissioned blockchain platform based on access controls that can restrict the people who can participate in the network. In a permissioned blockchain, only the entities (and selected entities on the network) participating in a transaction will have any knowledge about it. A public blockchain is permissionless – anyone can join the network and read, write, or participate within the blockchain.


Our B2B blockchain platform enables streamlined business processes at scale with some key features to get the best return on investment.  

For safer, smarter, transparent and cost-efficient data storage and business automation systems, enterprise blockchain platforms should be able to:

  • Interoperate with other existing enterprise systems and blockchains
  • Create smart contracts
  • Scale with the growth of the business

The Haidrun platform combines eco-friendly consensus mechanisms with the flexibility of variable size blocks to create a blockchain that addresses these challenges and opportunities:


Interoperates with other enterprise systems

Creates Smart contracts

Fast and Efficient

Easy to use

Ubiquitous – deploys anywhere

Haidrun ensures enterprise scalability via three core features: Container technology, dynamic block sizing and our own proprietary blockchain protocol, Larad, which uses a fast and efficient voting-based consensus algorithm. These core features deliver the next generation of smart contracts and with standard REST APIs, easily integrate and interoperate with other enterprise systems.

Container technology

The Haidrun platform is built using the latest generation container-based infrastructural architecture and runtime software. The new five-layered architecture delivers the scale, speed, and efficiency required for business blockchains and the ability to be deployed locally, in an on-premise data centre, or in a cloud setting.

Architecture Infographic

Dynamic Block size and content

Because your enterprise needs flexibility, we have developed a technology that enables the use of dynamic block sizes. There is no limitation to handling information in the blocks, which creates necessary flexibility in business applications.

Dynamic block size is also a crucial enabler for fast integration with other systems and together with our modular design for external API calls, they better suit your specific needs as an enterprise customer.

Larad voting based consensus algorithm

The Haidrun consensus algorithm is a voting-based system and part of the new Larad protocol. In large networks it uses an AI-based decision mechanism for new transactions, giving a vast improvement in transactional speed over first-generation protocols.

Smart Contracts – secure and compatible

A smart contract is a computer program or business logic that should automatically execute, control or document legally relevant events and actions according to the terms of a contract or an agreement. The objectives of smart contracts are to reduce or eliminate the need for trusted intermediators. Cost savings can be made on arbitration and enforcement, as well as the reduction of fraud losses and other malicious or accidental exposures.

Our smart contract technology also includes a vulnerability exposure and debugging module. When smart contracts are being implemented, the module provides real-time scanning and debugging of the contract file so that before being made available to the community, the owners can see any kind of security breach.

Our smart contract Virtual Machine is the first to include an interoperability mechanism where any smart contract written on our Haidrun platform will also be supported on other blockchains.

The code itself is replicated across multiple nodes of a blockchain and therefore, benefits from the security, permanence and immutability that a blockchain offers.

Internal and External APIs

Our B2B blockchain platform uses standard REST APIs for internal and external calls, making it easy for application developers to build and integrate with other systems.

Unsure about some of the terms associated with blockchain technology? Take a look at our handy glossary to learn more.

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